How We Package Our Products


All our products are thoughtfully packaged in state-of-the-art, airtight stand-up pouches. These pouches are crafted from BPA-free materials, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your goods. The resealable zip-lock feature enhances convenience, allowing you to preserve the freshness of your items with ease.

Optimal Freshness Preservation:

Upon opening, a simple push to expel excess air from the pouch ensures the longevity and potency of your product. Remember to reseal the pouch tightly for continued freshness. For prolonged shelf life, always store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Innovative Design for Sustainability:

Our packaging boasts an innovative design that not only maximizes storage space but also champions environmental friendliness. By utilizing less material than traditional containers, we contribute to a greener footprint. Unlike cans and plastic containers, our pouches offer an efficient way to remove air, safeguarding the product's shelf life and potency.


Additional Benefits of Our Packaging:

Heat-Sealed with Tamper-Proof Tear Strip: Ensuring the integrity of your product.

Environmentally Friendly Material: A commitment to sustainability.

Excellent Light, Air, and Moisture Barrier: Extending shelf life by protecting against external elements.

Self-Standing Bags: Allowing flexible storage options, even when lying down.

High Puncture and Tear Resistance: Preventing breakage and leakage.

Easy to Open and Close with Strong Sealing Ziplock: Enhancing user convenience.

Heavy Foil Exterior with Thick Food-Grade BPA-Free Internal Lining: 100% safe for food storage.

Bulk Quantities:

For larger quantities exceeding 5 lbs, please note that bulk sizes may not be packed in foil pouches. If you're interested in ordering bulk quantities, reach out to our dedicated Bulk department for personalized assistance.

Thank you for choosing padmura for your nutritional needs. We prioritize quality, freshness, and sustainability in every step of our packaging process.